Covid 19

Fenata worked closely with other agencies and member associations to help make the National response to the Covid 19 crisis as flexible and understanding of tourism concerns as possible. This helped work towards the Namibian Government’s positive and decisive action in opening the country’s borders up to International Tourism again as soon as that was […]

Tourism Summit

Fenata, assisted member associations, helped with the coordination of the Africa Youth Innovation in Tourism Summit that took place in Swakopmund between 31 May and 3 June 2023. This assistance took the form of organisation of some of the activities arranged for invited delegates and speakers, and also in arranging sponsorship from Fenata and other […]

Statistics and Data

Fenata has recognised the serious lack of meaningful statistics on the Namibian Tourism Industry, and the fact that this means many decisions are made on the basis of faulty data. A local statistics agency has therefore been commissioned to obtain more accurate ‘global’ figures for the industry’s contributions to the economy that can be used […]

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